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Force of Nature

On an outing to Nose Hill Park in Calgary recently, I was struck by how trees were taking over an old road that had once been paved.

Nikon F4S, 17mm/3.5 Tamron SP lens
Kentmere 100 film


Under the Pool

Underneath the pool in The Beaches, Toronto. A rather forbidding structure from this angle


Nikon N90s, 17mm/3.5 Tamron SP lens
Rollei Retro 80s Film, developed in Rodinal

The Arch

I had never gotten around to shooting this arch before; I will have to go back and try a few different angles with it. I suspect the perfect angle would involve me standing the the middle of a busy intersection. Not safe in this city.


Nikon F4S, 17mm/3.5 Tamron SP lens
Svema Foto 100 film, 
developed in LegacyPro Eco Pro Ascorbic Acid Developer
1+1, 9;20 @ 20 C

Back to the Plant #3

One final image from this series of the W.H. Harris Water Treatment Plant. The grey dull day seemed to align with the austere nature of the building.


Nikon N90s, 17mm/3.5 Tamron SP lens
Kentmere 400 film

Back to the Plant

I have shot the R.H. Harris Water Treatment Plant in Toronto a few times, but never with the Tamron SP superwide 17mm/3.5 lens so out I went last weekend. The very grey, flat lighting gave an interesting look to a very interesting building.


Nikon N90s, 17mm/3.5 Tamron Superwide lens
Kentmere 400 film

The Beaten Path

I love the organic look of unpaved trails. There is a sense of magic and story in them.

All these images are from a walk last Monday through High Park, taken with a Nikon N90s 35mm camera and Tamron 17mm superwide lens. Film used was Rollei RPX 400, developed in Perceptol developer.

High Park N90s RPX 400 026-Edit
High Park N90s RPX 400 013-Edit
High Park N90s RPX 400 008-Edit
High Park N90s RPX 400 006-Edit

High Park N90s RPX 400 014-Edit