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I love the extreme perspective that the Nikkor 20m/2.8 lens gives to even the most commonplace of structures

Nikon F4S, 20mm/2.8 Nikor lens
Rollei Retro 80s film, developed in Rodinal


Outside the Graveyard

The combination of the glove and the spike on the fence caught my eye.

Nikon F4S, Helios 44/2 58mm lens (adapted for Nikon)
Rollei Retro 80s film

RedPath Sugar Refinery

Yesterday morning down around the RedPath Sugar Refinery the light was amazing; a bright, low-angled light applied a stark clarity to everything it touched. I was shooting Rollei Retro 80s film, using a red filter to darken the skies and exaggerate the contrast.

Nikon F4, 28mm/2.8 Nikkor lens, red filter
Rollei Retro 80s film

Postcard From the Dystopia

I love the Beaches District in Toronto; I love Bluffers Park. Then there is Sugar Beach: a sad little boxed in spot, with a great view of a factory, and no shortage of “No Swimming signs.” I’ve shot there a few times as I find it fascinating, at the same time it repulses me.



Both images shot using Nikon F 35mm SLR, 24mm/2.8 Nikkor lens.
Rollei Retro 80S film, developed in Rodinal
Toned in post