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Snow and Wood

This image is from an outing on January 1st, in a valley park in central Toronto. It was quiet and cold. I think I saw one other person while I was there.

Snow on Wood


Canon 7, 21mm/4 Voigtlander Skopar lens, Polypan F developed in Diafine 3 + 3


Smiling From the Sidelines

Here is another image from the belly dancing in Kensington Market recently. This image is of a dancer Audra of the Dark Side Studio) waiting in wings for her groups turn to perform. I was struck by how the various groups enjoyed each others performances, in a supportive atmosphere.

Dancers on the sidelines

(Canon 7 35mm Rangefinder, Leica 90mm/f4 Elmar lens, Tri-X developed in Microdol-X)

Old Married Couple

With the ubiquity of cell phones, we are seeing fewer and fewer pay phones; they are increasingly seen as obsolete, and the ones that are still around tend to be in pretty rough shape. These two outside the Bathurst subway station seem different; they are both in decent condition, and seem determined to maintain dignity and a sense of purpose. In a sense, they remind me of an old married couple: not flashy, but dedicated and devoted.

Old Married Couple(Canon 7 35mm rangefinder, 50mm/f2 Jupiter 8 lens,
Fomapan 100 film,

developed in Tmax developer for 9 minute)

Sunnyside Pavilion

This past weekend I had a shoot on Saturday at Sunnyside Pavilion in Toronto. While waiting for the couple to arrive (and more on them in a future post), I did some shooting of my own. This location has become a bit of a wedding photography factory, so I mainly skulked around the edges and did detail images.

Fencing, Sunnyside Pavilion, Toronto

(Canon 7 Rangefinder camera, circa 1961, Soviet Jupiter 8 50mm/f2 lens,
Fomapan 100 film developed in Tmax developer 1:9 for 9 minutes)