Tag: Ashbridge’s Bay

Curling Branches

I love the shape of the branches of this tree in Ashbridges Bay; they look like tentacles to me.

Beaches etc Rollei TX 016

Rolleiflex 3.5E3 (Xenotar lens)
Tri-X @ EI 320, developed in Legacy Pro MicX developer 


Another shooter at work

This past Thursday evening I met up with some fellow film photography friends at the Beaches / Ashbridge’s Bay for some evening shooting. We saw this videographer who was setting up a sunset time lapse video.

Hassy A. Bay 150 Sonnar007

Hasseblad 500C/M, 150mn/4 Sonnar lens
Ilford HP5+ film, EI 200, developed in Ilfosol 3


I was out this morning at Ashbridges Bay. It was a brilliantly sunny day, so I decided to have some fun darkening the sky with the combination of Rollei Retro 80s film (with near infrared sensitivity) and a combination of deep red and polarizing filters on my Mamiya RZ67 and 65mm wide angle lens.