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High Park Fence

One of my favourite spots in High Park, Toronto.

Kodak Medalist I, 100m/f3.5 Ektar lens
Kodak TMax 400 film, respooled for 620


Random Still Life

Kodak Medalist I 620 Camera, 100mm/f3.5 Ektar lens
Rollei RPX 100 film, re-spooled for 620
Semi-stand developed in Rodinal developer


This photograph from Ward’s Island was created with long-expired “red scale” colour negative film. Red scale film is film that is reversed in the roll, so you are shooting through the orange film base, resulting in some interesting tonality. I had no idea if the film was still usable, I didn’t even know the original speed of the film (before accounting for the red effect on exposure). I was very happy to see how it turned out.

Kodak Medalist 620 camera, “Red scale” C-41 Colour film