Hybrid Rocks!

In the hustle and bustle of Dundas Square, I took  this picture of model Stacy, who is holding an old Zeiss 120 folder. I am continuing to find the analog/digital hybrid approach  quite effective; the Sliver Efex Pro plug-in allows me to get the last bit of tonality I’m looking for from the scanned negative.

Zeiss Folder 2


Another Vintage Process

Here’s my first attempt at printing with a process called  Van Dyke Brown: similar to the Cyanotype process, but the prints come out a beautiful brown.  It will take some practice to get the paper coating and exposure right, but I  think it will be worth it! 🙂 The image is another one from my Women and Vintage Camera series.

Galina using Van Dyke Brown Process

The Thought Behind the Eyes

Today’s picture is of a model named Galana; she is posing with my Super Baldina 35mm rangefinder. A very interesting person; we ended up discussing education and when I mentioned that I had a degree in Russian and Chinese history, she asked me “Has there ever been a Communist state?” I’d have to say that all the models I have been shooting for this series have shown a lot of intelligence; the stereotype of the ditzy lightweight and vain model has been completely absent; each model has brains to go with beauty.


Mirror to the Soul

Here’s an image from the latest shoot for my Women and Cameras project. My model Amy is holding my Argus A, a 35mm camera from the mid-1930’s, and very important in the history of 35mm photography. What really grabs me about this image though is the eyes: they dominate the picture, and the mood.

Argus A

Boat for Sale

One of the interesting things we saw on the photo walk in Hamilton Harbour was a large freighter/tanker ship. Apparently, the boat was for sale. I didn’t buy it; it would cut into my camera Gear Acquisition Syndrome budget! It did make for some interesting shots though!


HMCS Haida

The HMCS Haida is an old Canadian Warship, no longer in service, but located in Hamilton Harbour as an open museum/tourist attraction. While she is being maintained, I still found a sense of age and decay in various details of the ship, painted over time and time again. Still, a fascinating place to take pictures; more to follow.

Old Plugs

A Fun Day In Hamilton

Don’t get me wrong, I loved being in My Fair Lady, but it was eating into my photography time. With the show now just a very pleasant memory, time to get back to my first love, so this past Saturday I was able to join up with a few other film lovers/APUG members for a photo-walk in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The image below was captured using my trusty Mamiya M645J medium format camera, on Ilford Delta 400 film, processed in Xtol 1:1.

Gazebo and Deck, Hamilton Harbour