My Kind of Store…

When I was in Ottawa for PAB2011 in June one evening I walked by a store called The Camera Trading Company one evening, after closing time. The store looked fascinating, and I resolved to visit the next morning. What a store! Focussing on film/vintage photography gear, it is the kind of place I could spend many hours (and many $$$). Today’s image is of the proprietor, in front of a wall of classic cameras.

What I found encouraging was that the store was busy when I went in, and while I was there a women in her late teens/early 20’s came in and bought a film camera. It’s great to see the next generation picking up film 🙂

Camera Dealer


A Happy Accident

This picture is the second in my antique brass lens portrait series. The subjects are model Amy (who I’ve photographed before) and her boyfriend Jerrod. The exposure was about 5 seconds, so there is a bit of movement, which I like, especially in Amy’s eyes. The good news ends there though; I had issues with light leaks (probably my homemade lens board holding the old lens) and some chemical contamination on the paper negative. Even after a fair amount of Photoshopping out the damage, it’s still pretty rough. In this case though, I think it adds to the image. I certainly can’t rely on being lucky every time though!

Amy and Jerrod

Starting a New Project

With this image, I kick off a new project: portraits taken using a roughly 100 year Busch Rapid Symmetrical brass lens on my 4×5 view camera. I love the vintage look I get from this lens, especially the swirling of the out of focus areas in the corners.


Artist As Model as Artist

Today another image in my Women and Cameras series. This is a Van Dyke Brown print of model Angel Noel, holding a 1950’s vintage Exakta 35mm single lens reflex (with waist level, not eye-level finder). It was amazing shooting with Angela; she is a artist herself: as a painter she had great instincts for poses and other creative ideas. All in all, a great collaboration!

Van Dyke Browne Print of Angela and Exakta

A Different Path

Last Friday, I took part in the PAB 2011 Content Walk. The idea was to walk around central Ottawa with cameras, audio recorders etc. to create content and tell stories. The weather rapidly became the story, changing seemingly every ten minutes, but mainly rainy. We spent some time outside, and I got some pictures taken around the canal locks, but soon we had to retreat to the safety of a pub. The weather got steadily worse, but in the basement of the pub we were having a great time. We got some great light and my favourite is the image below. I had to push the film to E.I. 1600 but in this context I don’t mind the grain.


From a Distance

Almost all of my people photography recently has been close-up (e.g. head/shoulders) so this image is a bit different. The subject is more than the woman on her smart-phone; it is her position relative to the concrete wall and steps/railing that is the key for me; a small touch of humanity in the midst of stone.

On the Phone

Update on My Photo Resolutions: A Double-Play!

At the beginning of the year I posted a list of photo resolutions and I am happy to report that I knocked off two of  them today by unveiling the following photograph during my presentation at PAB 2011. With this photo, I have produced (to some at least) a shocking image, and produced a self-portrait completely outside of my comfort zone. My wife suggested that since I have so many cameras I should take a picture of just me and my cameras on the bed. Who am I to resist a dare? 🙂

Guy With Cameras