Art Installation at the Beaches 4

Likely the last image in this set of one of the installations at the Toronto Beaches

Nikon N90s, 20mm/f2.8 Nikkor lens
TMax 400 film, developed in Microdol-X


The Sun of a Late Afternoon

I like late afternoons at this time of year when the sun is at a low angle.

Nikon N90s, 20mm/2.8 Nikkor lens
Kodak TMax 400 film, developed in Microdol-X

Forty-One Years Ago

Every now and then I get reminded of the passage of time. I recently ran across these old slides of flowers in my mother’s garden that I shot as a 15 year old in the summer of 1977. I had just gotten my first SLR, my Yashica TL-Electro (which I still have!) a few months prior. This was my first time shooting colour slide film, some private label pre-rolled Ektachrome. The lens was the Yashinon 50mm f1.9, using extension tubes for close focus.