A New Lease on Life

One of my favourite lenses is my early 1960’s Russian-built Helios 44/2 58mm lens, with an obscure lens mount: a 39mm thread mount, not meant for Leica for a specific model of Zenit SLR’s. The lens is amazing, but I’ve had horrible luck with the bodies in terms of longevity. I found a lens mount adapter from China on eBay  for six bucks that I originally got mount the lens on my Pen F half-frame, but I realized I could use on on Canon EOS mount cameras as well. At “The Big One” film camera sale last weekend I was able to pick up a Canon Rebel G body in perfect shape for $15, and this lens has a new home :-). The image below was taken the same day I got the camera body

The tree

Shot on Rollei RPX film, developed in Rodinal 1+50


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