Full Disclosure

On the bus coming home from work today, a gift from the photo gods: a visually very interesting individual, and some great light.  I took the image with my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) but a no-smoking sign behind the individual was very distracting, and there was no way to take the image without it being there. So in post I photoshopped it out. Even though I am being upfront about it, I still feel a bit queasy when I have to do that for this kind of photography; is the image less honest?

Man on the bus

2 thoughts on “Full Disclosure

  1. First off, do you like the image as it stands..?? If so, no worries, it’s your image..!! Actually, if it was my image I would have Photoshopped out the remaining background behind the main figure. Ending up with a wonderful portrait with great light.


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