Something Old is Something New

In the image today I used something old, but new to me; I developed the film using a rather old developer formula known as D-23 which I mixed up from scratch using chemicals bought on line. D-23 is a very simple (two ingredient) developer to mix up, and tends to soften contrast, which is useful for films like Rollei 80s which tends to be contrasty.

Park on King Street

Nikon F2, 24mm/f2.8 Nikkor lens (non-AI), Rollei 80s, developed in D-23 1;1

One thought on “Something Old is Something New

  1. Amazing that this is Rollei 80s. The contrast is very well controlled.. and far more than even Rodinal!
    Sharpness hasn’t suffered either (unsurprisingly since 80s is sharp).


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