Coming Home

I think I’ve found the perfect street photography camera for me, and ironically it is one I have had since the early 1970’s: my late father’s late 1950’s Voigtlander Vito B. I have not put a roll of film through it since early 1977, and I am happy to report it still works just fine 🙂

What makes it great for street photography in my mind is a feature it lacks — it has no built in rangefinder, just scale focus. This lack forces me to trust zone focusing and hyperfocal distance, getting it ready ahead of time, and then just bringing the large, bright, unencumbered viewfinder to my eye. For today’s image, it was maybe 2 seconds to see the scene, and quickly fire off the frame.

I have left this camera sit idle for far too long; it’s nice to be home.

Caught in the Act


One thought on “Coming Home

  1. Using my Vito CL is similar. There are very few times where I have taken it with me, and it really has sat idle for too long, but I intend on using it a bit more… It’s a great street photographer’s camera!


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