From a Distance

I think I’ve mentioned before how so much of my portrait work is close-up; I am addicted to the biography (indeed the landscape) that is the human face. I have to force myself to pull back ever now and then, and let more of the setting into the story, or even become the story, as I think it does in this image of model Theresa in High Park.

From a Distance


2 thoughts on “From a Distance

  1. Small and insignificant.. it’s what we all are in the ultimate play of life in the universe.
    With all our might and power we have amassed in the world, the ultimate benediction will be justified upon us when the Earth will unleash its wrath against those that have spoiled it. There is enough power beneath our feet to wipe out all of life in an instant.
    We may have harnessed the power of the Sun or the power of the Air, but the power of the Earth can never be tamed…
    Your photo shows just how small and insignificant we truly are compared to the Majesty of our Home…

    In other words, nice work John! 🙂


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