Withering Rose

I was working in Macro mode last Sunday afternoon.

Mamiya RZ67, 65mm/f4.5 RB lens
Ilford HP5+ film, developed in TMax Developer



Still Alive

March 15th was Expired Film Day (a day to celebrate film that is long past its best before date!). It was a workday for me so I went out one day later this morning, which I think was sort of appropriate :-). I like going for the gusto so I got out a roll of AgfaPan 100 that expired in 1987 (32 years ago!). It’s box speed is 100, but I added 2 stops of exposure and then developed normally. There was a fair amount of base fog, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed in post. Rather surprised at what I got!

All images shot with a Canon Rebel TI and a Helios 44/2 58mm/f2 lens, mounted via an adapter

Chairs Near the Water

I have often photographed the chairs in the Beaches near the water. Last Saturday was a beautiful day out with friends by the water and this set of chairs caught my eye.

Hasselblad 500CM, 50mm/f4 Zeiss Distagon with red filter
Rollei Retro 80s film, developed in Rodinal