On the Edge

This image is from the recent Photography meet-up in Elora. I loved this tree hanging on to the edge of the cliff.

Voigtlander Bessa R2M, 35mm/f1.7 Ultron lens
Kodak TMax 400 film


Wide Angle Portrait

I tend to avoid wide-angle lenses for portraits; they tend not to be very flattering. The angle and distance from the subject in this portrait (my friend, and fellow photographer and podcaster Alex Luyckx) made it work. The light of an overcast day coming through the window was amazing.

Voigtlander Bessa R2M, 35mm/f1.7 Voigtlander Ultron lens
Kodak TMax 400 film

Lazarus Film

While looking for something else in my darkroom I came across something I didn’t know I had: a roll of Kodak Panatomic X film from the 1980’s obviously long-expired. Slow speed films tend to be usable long after their expiry dates so I gave it a shot. There was some staining on the negatives but with some work in post I got some usable images, like these two.