Banff Springs Hotel

As much as I love the natural splender of Banff, from an architectural point of view, the Banff Springs hotel is quite something. This glass-walled room in particular is incredible!

Banff Springs Tri-X 3200
Voigltander Bessa R, 35mm/2.5 Color Skopar Lens
Tri-X @ EI 3200semi-stand developed in Rodinal,
1+100 for 2 hours @ 20 C (gentle agitation every 30 minutes)

One More from A Christmas Carol

Since this is the final weekend for The Alexander Showcase Theatre’s production of A Christmas Carol, I thought it was a good time for one more image from that show. It is a challenge to play a character playing another character, but Seth Mukamal (pictured below) who plays Scrooge brings the energy required to pull it off.
One more from The Christmas Carol

One more from Taylor Creek

One of image from Taylor Creek, on the roll of Tri-X pushed to EI 3200. Again I am suprised at how little grain is apparent, although the subject matter probably helps!

Tri-X @ 3200


Voigtlander Bessa R, 50mm/2 Jupiter 8 lens.
Tri-X developed on Rodinal 1+100 @ 20 for two hours,
semi-stand (gentle agitation every 30 minutes, initial one minute agitation)